The Mumbai based film industry referred as “BOLLYWOOD” is one of the largest film producers in India. Bollywood is one of the largest centers of film production in the world.

We at New Line Cinema are committed in making highly creative movies which will not be entertaining but also be sensible with a good story and which will definitely be loved by the audience.

• Budget:
We provide the best competitive budget according to the requirement of our clients through the best analytical approach by our experts.

• Location and permission:
We have good links in India and across the world to arrange for the shooting locations. We also make provision of acquiring permission on time with minimum fees.

• Shooting Equipments:
We have good relations with the best equipment suppliers in India and abroad. So we are able to provide the best equipments like lights, cameras, trolleys, Jimmy-JIBs, Vanity Vans etc.

• Technical Crew and Production Members:
We provide technical crew members like Light man, Camera man, Attendants, Production Managers, Production Controllers, Assistants, Spot boys etc.

• Stay and Catering:
We provide the best stay and catering facilities in India, North America, Europe, Australia and many other Asian countries.

• Editing:
We have links with the best Editing Studios in Mumbai for the best mixing, dubbing, online editing, CG and VFX.

Indian Television market is growing day by day and our aim is to make good quality TV shows.

We are working on a finite TV series for famous television channels and Digital distribution companies of India.

The company has just completed one Web Series and currently working on other series for their YouTube Channel. Our team has also started working on Short Movies, which audience will see it on our Channel very soon.

New Line Cinema Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company majorly involved in Film Production, TV Series, Events & Documentaries, and the company was incorporated on 28th October 2014.

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